Sweet As

To Auckland Airport

We booked all the way through to Auckland with Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines

Diary - Sat/Sun 15/16 Nov
You can certainly tell this is a smaller plane! Rik just filling out the boarding/immigration forms as I messed mine up last time!
Nice touch from Singapore Airlines - hot towels prior to take-off and landing.

Shaving kits available in loos on board, also got flight socks and toothbrush/toothpaste - very civilised!

7:45 GMT - could be am or pm, still don't know what day!
We are just about to fly over Sydney - unfortunately it's really cloudy down there so we couldn't see much.
It has been a very bumpy flight with cabin service suspended at times - but the crew are all lovely and smiley still.
Just about to change to Auckland time now, which is 20:53 with an ETA of 23:00. Goodbye GMT!

Meals were lovely - Salmon omelette! Yummm.....
Not enough loos on 777 though, will wait until landing. Lights out for landing at 22:40.